"He is a brilliant journalist with an exceptionally wide background"
(Prof. A. Ivashkin).

Howard Smith

CD sleeve notes, critical writing, travel writing and programme notes.




Professor Alexander Ivashkin

"Howard Smith is one of the most versatile musicians I have ever met. He is a brilliant journalist with an exceptionally wide background. As a music critic Smith is definitely one of the best in the world. His articles in Strad magazine are considered by many as most interesting essays with deep philosophical insights and an impressive knowledge of all practical and theoretical aspects of music performance"

Professor Alexander Ivashkin, Head of Russian Music, Goldsmiths College, Music Department, University of London, New Cross SE14 6 NW, London.


Dr Fanny Waterman

"His writing shows perception, depth and humanity. His musical awareness is remarkable"

Dr Fanny Waterman - (Founder / Director, Leeds International Piano Competition, UK).


Libby Larsen

"Howard Smith; a fine music writer .... and much needed."

Libby Larsen, modern American composer : January, 2001


Robert Cowan

"He is among the first authorities I would turn to for informed commentary and people-based work - a terrific writer"

Robert Cowan - (Gramophone, London - Senior Writer-Editorial Adviser).


Susan M. Sitzmann

"Howard Smith is the finest writer I have ever had the opportunity to work with. His marvelous style conveys detail, succinctness, vivid imagery and fluidity rolled into each and every word and sentence he writes. His skills as a music critic and photographer are unsurpassed by anyone I have come across. He is the definition of a true Renaissance man."

Susan M. Sitzmann (Editor & Public Information Specialist, State of Nebraska).


Mary Kaye Stray

"We rarely purchase second rights but your descriptions are superb and the slides quite beautiful"

Mary Kaye Stray - (Editor; Relax Travel : Chicago).


Lynley Sutherland

"His international reputation as a print journalist is, without question, exceptional"

Lynley Sutherland - (Manager - Hitz 89FM, Masterton, NZ).


"Of very many reviews Howard Smith's is the most understanding ... the one which grasps the magnitude and implications of a terrible disaster (Chinese forest fires) most effectively."

Harrison Salisbury (1927-1999); eminent US journalist.


Howard Smith and his translator
In conference – Hiroshima, Japan, 2000.

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